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The CIVITAS CATALIST project has the aim to validate, exploit and disseminate the results of the CIVITAS Initiative and, more importantly, of stimulating new cities in the adoption of sustainable, clean and energy efficient urban transport.


CITYMOBIL investigates, validates and demonstrates the capabilities of new mobility solutions in different European cities. It develops advanced concepts for innovative autonomous and automated road vehicles for passengers and goods.


EPTA - European model for Public Transport Authority as a key factor leading to transport sustainability


NICHES+ builds further on the NICHES project. Its mission is to promote innovative measures for making urban transport more efficient and sustainable and to move them from their current ‘niche’ position into a mainstream urban transport application.


OSMOSE (Open Source for MObile and Sustainable city) is a portal that aims at providing all those interested in innovative urban transport and mobility concepts with a complete source of information.


POSSE (Promoting Open Standards and Specifications in Europe) project encourages the use of ITS for sustainable urban policies and supports the development of Europe-wide open ITS specifications and standards. POSSE is a project that follows the same timeframe as POLITE and shares a lot of similar goals with it.


RITS-Net - Regions for Intelligent Transport Solutions Network project has as its goal that partner regions exploit the full potential of ITS solutions in the process of planning and implementing their regional mobility strategies, dealing with technical and non-technical aspects, creating their own ITS plans adapted to their specific local contexts. RITS-Net participated in POLITE Open Intermediate Workshop.


SUPERHUB is a European project which deals with research, development and large-scale test of an open source platform and mobile app able to plan customised urban routes, combining in real time all mobility offers. SUPERHUB participated in POLITE Open Intermediate Workshop.


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