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Follow the 2013 Annual Polis Conference live online

Streaming was available on Wednesday, 4 December 9.30h-17.30 and on Thursday, 5 December from 9.00am-13.00h. All sessions which took place in the "White" room were streamed online.


The project issues its 3rd newsletter in May

More information about POLITE can be found in the 3rd issue of its newsletter from May 2013. In it you can also read about the ITS elements in the public transport system in the POLITE site, Province of Ferrara, and in Emilia Romagna Region in Italy. Following the spirit of good practice sharing, the POLITE newsletter presents Madrid and Barcelona in an article about the ITS influence on their urban public transport system.
To access the newsletter, please go to Newsletter N 3.
The newsletter will soon be available also in Czech, Italian, Latvian and Polish.

20 years of the single market – 20 achievements in transport – now online


Safer skies, seas and roads, decent working hours for people with jobs in the transport industry and wider choices for those using it, fighting pollution now and finding new technologies to make our future journeys even cleaner – we’ve been busy over the last 20 years at European level to make transport better. Read on to see 20 examples of how Europe has made your life easier and safer through better transport.

This brochure is also available in the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish

Public Online Consultation on Enablers for European multimodal travel planning and information services

The consultation follows up on the work in the domain of multimodal journey planning and information services carried out under the ITS Action Plan (Action 1.5 Promotion of multimodal journey planners) and ITS Directive (priority action (a) provision of EU-wide multimodal information). It is also taking stock of the 1st Smart Mobility Challenges on multimodal journey planners and discussions held during the Informal Ministerial Meeting in Cyprus in July 2012. It seeks to gather stakeholders' opinion on a number of remaining challenges preventing the broad deployment of Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services, and on a number of measures the European Commission is proposing to overcome them. 
Consultation period: 19/12/2012 - 12/03/2013

More info: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/media/consultations/2013-03-12-mtpis_en.htm

POLITE second newsletter informs about the infomobility measures

The newsletter is one of the five issues which will keep readers regularly informed about progress and developments, as well as events in which POLITE has participated or will participate. This, second, newsletter comes at a very interesting point in the life cycle of the project. The consortium is currently defining the infomobility measures and policies that they would like to share between themselves and to see implemented in their sites. Ten groups of measures have been identified, amongst which for example, ‘Public transport information measures’, ‘Public transport operation reorganization into multimodal system’ and ‘Public transport legislation and regulation’.

The consortium meeting hosted by LaTDEA in Riga at the end of September decided in addition on the joint methodology for external best practices search and exchange. The ABOUT section gives more insight into the working process and outcomes.
The interview with our expert this time talks about multimodal, multiservice, multichannel payment and ticketing and presents a geomarketing tool which allows matching demand for public transport with offer.
As usual, in our Spotlight on POLITE Site, we present some of the POLITE partners involved in the project and their infomobility measures. This time, you can read about Calabria Region and Riga as represented by LaTDEA. We hope you will enjoy this current issue and we invite you to register for the electronic newsletter if you have not yet done so. Check our website for more information and for the newsletter in Czech, Italian, Latvian and Polish!

To read the newsletter, go to: http://www.polite-project.eu/public-documents/finish/62-newsletters/20-newsletter-issue-2-december-2012/0

POLITE article in Polish magazine "LOGISTYKA" - read now! http://www.polite-project.eu/public-documents/viewdownload/64-press-releases/21-polite-article-in-polish

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