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Transport Research Centre (CDV) - PP6 (CZ)

POLITE partner CDV (Transport Research Centre) represents the interests of the Czech Republic. The centre  has a tradition of more than fifty years. After 1992, part of the old VUD became an independent public research institution known as CDV. More than one hundred experts provide projects, services and technical support to the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and other governmental and regional bodies or cities as well as to the private sector. The organisation  also offers its experience in creating national transport policy and recommendations for the European transport policy.

CDV is involved in international projects and activities of a wide scope and has become an integrated partner in the European research community, being a member in several transport research and other transport-related associations (FEHRL, FERSI, ECTRI, ELITE, POLIS etc.). CDV also represents the Czech Republic in the OECD/ITF Transport Research Programme, IRTAD, ERTRAC and PIARC. CDV experts are members of CEN and ISO technical committees as national representatives. The company holds the certificate of a quality system CSN EN ISO 9001:2001 concerning transport related scientific, research and development activities.

 The main objective of the ITS department is to increase traffic quality, provide better mobility, enhance traffic safety and reduce adverse impacts of traffic on the environment, especially in road transport. The department also helps to disseminate new knowledge from the ITS sector by organising conferences and seminars, the purpose of which is to make professional public familiar with advanced possibilities offered by ITS.

In the area of ITS for public passenger transport, CDV has a long experience resulting from several national projects such as  projects for the standardization of information systems in public transport, a project on telematics in public transport, a project on unified data system in public passenger transport, etc.

Role in the project:
Transfer Site

Transport Research Centre (CDV)
Líšeňská 33a
636 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Eva Gelová
tel.: +420 548 423 753
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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