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Reading Borough Council (UK) - PP4

 Reading Borough Council (RBC) is a public administrative body. Reading is a town of some 260,000 inhabitants located in the Thames Valley to the west of London. The Thames Valley is a focus of high tech industry in the UK and a number of large international IT businesses are located in Reading. Reading has good links to London Heathrow Airport and is also located on the strategic rail network with Reading station currently undergoing a 450m Euro redevelopment.
As a Unitary Authority RBC is responsible for a wide range of public services and these include highways and transportation. Reading is a leading authority in the UK in the development and implementation of multimodal transport strategies and it has invested significantly in recent years. Reading has an access controlled town centre with pedestrian areas and bus priority measures which are coupled with one of the newest bus fleets in the country and an advanced network management system which is continually being developed. Recently Reading has been awarded £21.7m of LSTF funding by central government to invest in its transport systems including its network management system.


Role in the project:
Component 3  Leader (Exchange of experience), Good Practice Site

Reading Borough Council
Civic Centre
RG1 7TD Reading
Simon Beasley

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